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At the beginning of every spring and summer, your trees need to be maintained to ensure new growth and prevent any damage to your property. While some like to take this responsibility themselves but it’s always better to hire a professional team for this work. For tree maintenance and removals, you need to find a professional company as this task is highly technical. A team without proper training and experience can butcher your tree and leave it in a bad shape. And to make sure that you are hiring a professional team, go with renowned companies and always make sure to check the license of the workers.

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Metro Tree Removal

Metro tree removal is one of the best companies providing highly professional tree services that include tree maintenance, tree stump grinding and tree removal services. We understand that tree removal is a major process that every tree owner needs to get done now and then. Therefore, we are providing the best tree removal service at very affordable rates. We have a team of trained and experienced workers who strive to provide you with the best tree services possible.

Whenever you hire workers from our company, we send you highly skilled workers with proven experience in this field. Not only professional but our team is also very friendly, reliable and flexible. They will calmly listen to your needs and ideas and make sure to meet all your requirements. Besides this, we have full-time professional supervisors who make sure that our workers are giving the best to our customers.

Services We Provide

If you are looking for tree services in NYC then there could be no better option than Metro Tree Removal. We use modern technology and we have a team of highly skilled workers who make sure to provide our customers with highly professional tree services. We are providing all sort of tree services from maintenance to tree removal.

Tree Removal

At Metro Tree Removal we have workers having years of experience in tree removals. They are expert at removing all species of trees. They have knowledge about all species of trees which helps them safely and efficiently remove the trees. You will get the best tree removal services from our company in NYC.

Tree Service

When you hire workers from Metro Tree Removal they first visit your place and carefully examine the condition of your trees. Then they suggest the maintenance services accordingly. And provide you with all the information about the process and pricing. The service will include wood chipping, tree pruning, tree mulching or whatever service your tree needs.

Stump Grinding

At Metro Tree Removal we use a powerful machine, stump grinding for grinding out the stumps of the trees. We have machines of various sizes which enable us to grind out tree stumps of all sizes and different types. Our team make sure to safely grind the stumps without making any damage to the tree or surrounding areas.


Metro Tree Removal is also providing emergency tree services. Whether the storm broke the branch of the tree, or the tree fell on your home or vehicle, we’ll fix it all for you to prevent any further damage. We are available 24/7 to help you in case of any emergency.

Why Choose Metro Tree?

Professional Worker

Professional services

We provide professional yet affordable tree services. We carry out our projects very smoothly and professionally. Every project starts from the free estimate and is performed with great attention to detail. You can just rest assured Metro Tree Removal pros will get the job done right.

Skilled Workers

Skilled Workers

Our team of professional tree surgeons have years of training in tree services and always  provide the best tree services from stump grinding to removal. All of our workers have great knowledge about all type of tree species which helps them safely and efficiently perform all sort of tree services.


Estimates always Free

Every Tree Service starts with a free estimate. One you agree to a price we help you with every aspect of your tree service needs. Whether you need tree trimming services or need to get various trees removed from a property, we will do it all for you professionally and efficiently.


Safety First

Even in tree services safety comes first. We make sure that our services aren’t negatively affecting the environment. We make sure to use only those materials and equipment that keeps your tree healthy. And removing hazardous material and unhealthy tree professionally is part of our training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winter and early spring is the best season for tree services. As in winters most trees don’t have leaves which more clearly exposes tree conditions such as crossing branches and growth problems.

When trees are removed it surely leaves some effects on the property. But our skilled tree surgeons make sure to remove the tree safely providing the least possible damage to the property.

It is important to get tree services from a highly professional and licensed person as tree services are a very technical task. If services not done right, it can cause any permanent damages to your tree and property.

All the trees and branches we remove are recycled into organic mulch and firewood. We can also leave any logs upon your request. 

As your yard is your property, it will be your responsibility to get it fixed. Therefore, in any such situation make sure to instantly contact a tree services company, so they remove the tree from the yard.