#1 Emergency Tree Removal Service

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24/7 Emergency Tree Care Professionals

At Metro Tree Removal company we offer emergency tree services 24/7 throughout the year. There can be many emergency hazards happening to your tree at any time. Therefore, we make sure that we are available all the time to help you instantly and prevent further loss.

Weak Branches

Broken or weak branches of trees are a great threat to your property and vehicles. If you notice that the tree branches are bending more than usual and are more lifelessly hanging in the air, it means you need a tree service. Broken and weak branches mean they can fall anytime and pose a great threat to your vehicles, people, surrounding plants and your property. If the tree fell it can do a great deal of damage. Therefore, if your tree branches are getting weak, contact us immediately and we will send our team at the moment. After examining the condition of your tree they will explain the whole situation to you and remove the weak tree to prevent any type of loss. And if the tree already fell then our team will help you to remove it from that area and clear your land.

Heavy Storms

Heavy storms can saturate the roots of the tree and make its branches weak. These saturated roots and weak branches pose a great threat to your land. The tree can fall at any time so if the sudden heavy storm also makes your tree’s branches weak, contact us and we will try to make them strong by using different processes such as cabling and bracing for making the branches strong. And if the heavy storm made the tree fall on the ground, then our team will come and remove the tree from your place instantly. No matter what time it is, if you are in trouble we will be at your service. For tree damages caused by storm and winds, our team will only take one to two hours to solve them.

Trees Blocking Driveways / Neighbor’s Home

If the trees at your property have grown so long and its branches are now blocking the driveways, your neighbor’s house or breaking the fence posts, then it means you need to get the tree shortened or removed. Just contact Metro Tree Removal and we will help you remove the tree in the shortest time possible. Our team might find another solution to keep your tree and still not block your ways, might be by cutting half of the tree or trimming its branches.

So you can keep the tree and still not get annoyed by it. Our team will make sure to safely remove the tree so your neighbors and surrounding areas remain safe. Our team is just one call away from you 24/7 to help you in any case of tree-related emergency problems. Our experts have received specialized training and years of experience with the tree services. So you can blindly trust us with any sort of tree services.


No matter what tree service we are providing, safety remains the priority. Our team members wear proper head, eye, and ear protection to remain safe during the whole process. And for the safety of other people safety devices are placed to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

For large trees of about 20 feet, our team members use saddles and safety lines. And large limbs of trees are lowered to the ground using ropes. We make sure that the team that is working with us is completely safe and is also ensuring the safety of surrounding people.