#1 Tree STUMP GRINDING Services

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Why Use Professionals For Stump Grinding In NYC?

When a tree is removed, the left stump can make your property look horrible. Are you also having one or more unsightly tree stumps on your property? Tree stumps can make your place look ugly and make it unsafe. But no more worries, as at Metro Tree Removal we provide the best tree stump grinding services. Our team makes sure to handle your problem effectively and make your land clear and safe. We use self-propelled stump grinder machines to remove the stumps below ground level.

Process Of Stump Grinding

For stump grinding you have two options, you can rent a grinder and do it yourself, however, if you don’t have any knowledge about it then you shouldn’t go for it. You might damage your land and won’t remove the stump that effectively. Therefore, the second option is better. You should hire a professional company, that is Metro Tree Removal.

This option will be more beneficial and make the whole process very easy and affordable for you. When you book our team for this task, they would come with highly advanced grinding machines that will help to grind all the stumps in less time and make your land clear.

Moreover, we have grinding machines available in all sizes so we can help you remove all sizes of tree stumps from your place. After grinding the stump wood chips are left which are then used to fill the hole created by stump grinding and fills the surrounding area. And if you don’t want them to be used as a filler our team can help you remove all the wood chips from your place.


Our tree stump grinding services are highly professional and very affordable at the same time. After our team visits your place they will estimate the whole process and present it to you, letting you decide whether you want to further proceed or not. We also offer time to time discounts on our services. For example, if you need to get a lot of tree stumps removed, then we will surely offer you good discounts. In markets, some companies might charge you extra charges after the process saying that the process took more efforts and material than expected.

However, you won’t have to face any such unprofessional behavior from our company. We will charge you what we have decided the project on. So you won’t have to worry about any extra fees. For larger projects we are also offering flat hourly rates, giving you great flexibility to choose whatever method suits you better.

Why Is Stump Grinding Preferred Over Stump Removal?

While many companies offer stump removal services, we prefer stump grinding over removal. Because there are a lot of benefits of stump grinding over stump removal. For large trees, the stumps are also huge, having root balls up to 10 times larger than the trunk itself. If you remove such a stump it will leave a horrible looking giant hole at your place, making your property look ugly. However, if you go with the grinding process, it won’t create such a big hole.

And after the whole stump removal process, you would need to spend more money on filling that horrible giant hole created by the removal of the stump. But with the grinding process, the small hole created is filled by the wood chips formed by grinding of stumps. And you can also use these wood chips for a lot of other purposes as well. You can use that in creative ways to enhance the look of your garden. Overall, the stump grinding process is better and cost-effective. And we provide the best grinding services to make your land clear.