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Trees are very essential for the environment and are necessary for the health, liability, and safety of your property. However, in certain conditions, trees can be harmful to your property. Such as when a storm breaks the branch or tree falls on your yard or vehicle. In such situations, it is necessary to remove trees to protect your property. Sometimes you might need to remove a healthy tree that is threatening buildings or driveways. At Metro Tree Removal we provide highly technical and professional tree removal services. And make sure that the tree is safely removed from your property.

In Which Conditions We Remove The Trees?

There could be many reasons for the removal of trees. As mentioned above, sometimes a storm destroys the tree. But there are several other reasons behind the removal of trees. Here are some situations when you need to remove the trees.

Contact Metro Tree Service to get the trees removed. There can be some other reasons as well, if the tree is blocking the way or driveways, then you might need to get it removed as well. But whatever the reason, our team will first examine the tree, if it can be saved then they will try their best. But if they can’t find any solution for your tree then they would remove the tree making sure that your property isn’t getting affected at all.

Process of tree removal

Removing trees is a challenging process. In urban areas, one tree is usually surrounded by other healthy trees and buildings which makes it difficult work.  However, we use advanced equipment and we have a team of professional who are skilled tree service workers. We will help you to safely remove the trees without causing any damage to the property, surrounding areas, people or plants. After careful examination of the condition of the tree and its surroundings, our team will start the process of removal. First of all the tree is taken down, then the brush is chipped from the tree, and the whole tree wood is cut into logs. We can also remove the stump by grinding it into the ground for an additional fee.

How Much Do We Charge For Our Tree Removal Service?

At Metro Tree Removal we make sure to provide you with a complete estimate of the project cost before starting it. The process starts by calling us for a free estimate. Once our estimator can review your situation they will provide a quote. If your happy with the price you can sign a contract and schedule an estimate.